Thursday, 6 November 2008

APM Conference Speaker Presentations

You will find here links to the presentations from the APM Conference.


Keynote address: Dr Neville Bain, Institute of Directors

Track 1

The project management mid-life crisis - David Daly

Corporate saviours or corporate scapegoats: objectives for project managers - Geoff Whittaker

Keeping up: aligning project management with real business - Elizabeth Harrin

Tomorrow's project and programme management leaders - Martin Price

How well do project sponsors operate? - David Shannon

Managing up the organisation - Randy Englund

Track 2

Project success through stakeholder management: Rail Defects Management System - Barry Chesterman

Project manager as diplomat - Leon Lau

Approaches to complex project management - Michael Cavanagh

Reduction of complexity by system orientated management - Dr Walter Kroy

Track 3

Introduction to project planning - Neil Curtis

Prioritising project risks - Martin Hopkinson

Project management and transformational change - Anthony Lewis

Old destinations or new directions for programmes - Kevin Parry

Practical agile project delivery - Dr Peter Merrick

Iterative practices are easier than agile methods - Tom Docker and David Tuffs


Track 1

Delivering complex projects: it's not just about the project manager - Simon Henley

Step back from chaos - Harvey Maylor & Steven Carver

Keynote address: Sir David Normington, Permanent Secretary, Home Office

Jonathan Simcock, Executive Director, Office of Government Commerce

Ethics & subjectivity part 1 - Eileen J Roden & Donnie MacNicol
Ethics & subjectivity part 2 - Eileen J Roden & Donnie MacNicol

Track 2

Using professionalism to ensure you have the right people - Bob Assirati, OGC

Project networking - Janet Smart

Project management for business start-ups - Richard Newton

Directing change: a model for business improvement - Paul Major

Building project professionalism across DWP - Ian Anderson & Tony Teague

Assessing potential in project managers - Neil Mooney & Jane Hodgen

Track 3

Properly effective conference calling - Penny Pullan

Disparate projects disparate sustainability opportunities - Adrian Pyne

Boost the benefits delivered from complex projects: some practical frameworks that enhance the
value delivered - Graham Kennedy

How blank is the paper? - Ruth Sacks

Managing programme complexity: a case for change - Chris Hodson & Bob Warner


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