Thursday, 30 October 2008

Directing Change – a model for business improvement. Paul Major, Program Framework

Is persuading senior directors that there should be a change specialist on the board ‘mission impossible’ or an opportunity to move your organisation forward?

The role of change managers is to make the business successful, not merely making incremental tweaks. There is also a need for speed, especially in today’s economic climate which itself is changing day by day.

Project managers are change managers. Their skills should be in the boardroom, directing and driving operational change that is successful and sustainable – a ‘Chief Creator of Competitive Advantage’.

Because being better at business as usual is not enough. Now you need to become the best at not only doing the right things, but also doing things right.

The challenge for the project management community is to take this message into their organisations, raising the profile of the profession and taking effective change management out of the back room and into the board room, so that enterprise project management become enterprise change management.

Do any of your organisations have representation on the board for change management?
Yes 65%

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