Thursday, 30 October 2008

Project Networking, Janet Smart, BT Centre for Major Programme Management, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Skill in social networking sites such as Facebook could be an essential qualification for project managers of the future.

Research at the Saïd Business School indicates that the way people behave on these sites could affect the way they work and has to be taken into account when thinking about the future of project management.

The Facebook generation will bring social networking into the workplace - many people are already using it informally as a way of communicating at work. In the future, organisations will need to enable those working on a project to communicate in this way, sharing information and expertise, problem solving and enabling links.

The academic world has much to contribute to the future, providing an opportunity for awareness and reflection, looking at ways of in which the profession can change and what should be passed on from the general corpus of knowledge.

Next year the Saïd Business School will introduce an MSc in Major Programme Management, encouraging people to think critically about what is being done now and how it could change for the future.

Working on the premise that a project or programme is also an organisation with similar skills requirements, it is taking theoretical knowledge from the design of an organisation and imparting it into the current mindset of project and programme management, moving from a skills base to a more reflective model.

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Is a project an organisation?
Yes 78%

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