Thursday, 30 October 2008

Have we got the right people doing the right projects? Bob Assirati, Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

Addressing the shortfall in project management capability at the OGC will lead to greater success in delivering major projects.

The OGC has a big capability gap, which means it has to bring in costly interim and external project managers. Now it is making a collective effort to build a sustainable community with the right skills through tackling the issue at organisational level.

Projects need to be translated into people, and their roles and their competencies, moving away from the traditional profile of a civil servant and looking to recruit, develop and retain project professionals.

Transfer of knowledge across the organisation is being improved while consultants are encouraged through their contract to share their knowledge with OGC staff.

A 10-step plan to introduce a proper, professional career structure is being developed with the vision of ‘a recognised profession that attracts and retains the best people and is valued for its contribution to effective delivery’.

This skills agenda includes an agreed standard approach to best practice, defining roles, qualifications and training, improving the attractiveness of project management as a career and managing talent.

Do you believe Government project management offers an attractive career as opposed to the private sector?
No 74%

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