Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Can project sponsors be managed?

Where are your project sponsors? They’re not here and that’s part of the problem.
So how do you management upwards in the absence of your sponsor.

Example: Public sector organisation.
• Assess org. chart and core team.
• Rank sponsors – most cooperative to least. Get assistance by enlisting the most supportive to help bring the others on board.
• That helps build momentum.
• Educate those new to sponsorship, explain their roles, enabling them to fulfil their roles.

• Assess the current situation, assess the stakeholders
• Enlist a guiding coalition, get some supporters
• Articulate needs, in language appropriate for your audience.
• Educate upwards
• Use passion, persistence and patience

Question 1
Project sponsors can be managed
Strongly agree 18% Agree 60% Disagree 20% Disagree strongly 2%

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