Wednesday, 29 October 2008

David Daly - Should we re-evaluate what project management is all about?

A point in time when you’ve come a long way and achieved a lot, but sense you need to carve a new direction.

I interviewed a number of active IT project managers and received unique insights about what’s changed in project management:
‘I think it’s a change in awareness’ ‘Too much stress placed on having a certificate rather than one’s abilities to get the job done’ The greatest challenge is always communication – ultimately a project failure is the failure to communicate’
‘Projects are still being delivered late and over budget’
‘62% of companies experiencing late delivery, 49% over budget’

What are the answers to our challenges?
Focusing more on people – Team=product - build a quality team first.
Concentrate on delivering value – PPM project portfolio management?
Move away from following a single PM process – don’t hamstring your project managers. Processes and methodologies are tools, good PM is about choosing the right tools.

Adrian Dooley, champion – We seem to be answering in the same way as we did 30 years ago, perhaps this is about coming of age rather than entering middle age?

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