Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Discussion - Is it changing or changeable?

Transformation management deals with pragmatism over methodology. Methods are useful for projects, but at a transformational level they can be too rigid.

There is a risk that transformation becomes a trendy badge and lacks substance, but everyone is susceptible to failure due to ‘institutional arrogance’ and a resistance to realise the need to change. This is particularly true in larger and older organisations who have very refined processes and may become introspective - therefore displaying a reluctance to change.

How successful transformation management actually is remains an unresolved issue. It is an under developed discipline, and a ‘burning platform’ may help focus the mind. However what is key is that change is constant and that transformation is both high risk and high reward. It may be that it is less a case of looking at transformation as a management technique (which is defined by its success and failure) and more a state of being – that all things are changing.

36% believe that transformational management a management fad
48% believe transformation management is a future management system
100% believe that transformation management concepts are could be useful in a recession
54% believe transformation is a separate management discipline

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