Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Project success through stakeholder management - rail defect system - Barry Chesterman, Network Rail

Overview of Network Rail's Rail Defects System (RDS) programme. Key issues safety and reliability. Barry said when took over NR's reputation in turmoil, now in "safe hands". Key challenges to capture rail defect information and put onto one system. This involved bringing 22 different contractors each with own reporting system. No intra-system integration i.e. people not talking to each other. Key to RDS success engage all different stakeholders. Design led by end-user 18 demos of prototype models. "Same message to all stakeholders." Feedback invaluable to success. Deployment of RDS 8 out of 9 routes now live. 50% legacy systems decommissioned. 1050/1300 users trained. Improvements: systems delivered half the budget, 4x scope, high level of acceptance.

Is acceptance maximised when stakeholders are an integral part of transformation? 100% yes.

Stakeholder management is important in all sectors, but some sectors require more stakeholder management effort. Agree 95%. Disagree 5%.

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