Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Elizabeth Harrin - Can you align people, process and organisation?

The techniques and tools I’m using now are the same I’ve been using for some years, given the rate of change in other professions – is that ok?

We all face shifting business challenges – economic, business models and technology – all the more so in the current environment.

General perception is that projects are failing – why are we still doing the same things?

The economy we’re working in is different to the one that our tools were designed for, this is the Google generation – look at all the sources and outlets we can now use, such as blogs, blackberries, wikis real-time status reports and collaboration tools. We need to be able to use them all within a project environment.

Project management teams need to be able to work with the same tools in the same way as others in our organisations.

We need people on our project teams with excellent communications skills and an openness to business change.

In summary:
• Adoption of new media
• Soft skills in methodologies
• Recruitment focus on emotional intelligence

Peter Simon, champion:
1. Is it important to develop as a complete project manager – professionals who can display the essential tools and the vital behaviours?
Strongly agree 77% Agree 20% Disagree 2% Strongly disagree 2%

2. Is it important for APM to give closer attention to developing human and organisational competence in its 4 level certification programme?
Strongly agree 34% Agree 52% Disagree 11% Strongly disagree 3%

3. My project management team is equipped to face the changing requirements of 21st business practices.
Strongly agree 8% Agree 29% Disagree 51% Strongly disagree 12%

4. My project management style reflects the way others work in my organisation.
Strongly agree 12% Agree 37% Disagree 42% Strongly disagree 8%

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