Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Guide to topics and subject champions

Adrian Dooley – Success through projects, How PM can support business success
• The project management mid-life crisis
• Corporate saviours or corporate scapegoats – objectives for project managers
• Practical agile project delivery
• Iterative practices are easier than agile methods
• Project management for business start-ups
• Directing change – a model for business improvement

Peter Simon - Right projects right people
• Keeping up – aligning project management with real business
• Tomorrow’s project and programme management leaders
• Using professionalism to ensure you have the right people
• Janet Smart, Said Business School
• Building project professionalism across ~DWP
• Assessing potential in project managers

David Bright - Stakeholders and sponsors
• Boost the benefits delivered from complex projects – some practical frameworks that enhance the value delivered
• How blank is the paper?
• Project success through stakeholder management – Rail defects management system
• Project manager as diplomat
• Hpw well do project sponsors operate
• Managing up the organisation

Mary McKinlay - Managing in a complex world
• Approaches to complex project management
• Reduction of complexity by system oriented management
• Delivering complex projects – it’s not just about the project manager
• Step back from chaos
• What do complex projects tell us about project management?
• ID cards programme

Tom Taylor – Local projects, global consequence
• Project management and transformational change
• Old destinations or new directions for programmes
• Why should project managers be ethical? And other moral questions.
• Ethical success and failure
• Properly effective conference calling
• Disparate projects disparate sustainability opportunities

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