Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Martin Price - Can you align people, process and organisation?

There’s something more interesting than people – groups of people, because of the huge amount of interactions an organisation creates.

Aspects of PM that require leadership – leadership is about showing the way and draw the leadership from others, not by proscription.

Imagine a warship, ready for action, then you take away the crew – the warriors – what’s left can’t function. People aren’t just the heart of the matter - they are the matter.

Two arenas in project management:
Arena ‘A’ systematic necessities or essential tools (methodology, life cycle etc)
Arena ‘B’ the people necessities or vital behaviours (trust, decision making, leadership, collaboration etc).

In which of these arenas are the causes of project success or failure?
A=3 hands, everyone else=B.

Need to address both arenas. There are also two others – engagement (not a competence, the quality of a group) and domain knowledge.

Building organisational capability – address:
  • the competence of the project players (professional skill and knowledge),
  • the project organisation (leadership, engagement, collaboration) and
  • building support from the business (alignment and support from the host business).

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